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Rene is no stranger to the pet industry. As a matter of fact, he's spent 23 years building and expanding his pet grooming and boarding facilities in Burbank and Glendale. His first taste of the industry began when he started Pet Rush, a boutique pet shop at Kenneth Village in Glendale. Rene served as the premier dog groomer for celebrities and neighbors of Glendale's prestigious Northwest District. Pet Rush was recognized and awarded by the City of Glendale as the city's "First Rescue-Only" pet store. Pet Rush became a model rescue-only store known nationwide and recognized by many pet organizations like the Best Friend’s Animal Society and the Humane Society of the United States for setting the standard for protecting animal welfare.

As the rate of pet-ownership continued to grow, so did Rene's business. In 2007 Rene opened his first doggy day care & boarding for dogs and cats in Glendale, called Glendale Pet Resort. In 2012 he started Pet Rush Inn Burbank, complete with overnight boarding, day care, training, and grooming. Rene completely renovated the 7,000 sq. ft. facility adding all new air conditioned stalls, surveillance cameras, and greatly expanding the play area. Pet Rush Inn was recognized as Burbank's Best two years in a row, and has 5/5 star reviews on Yelp.

In 2015, Rene and his wife, Melene Karapedian, Pharm D. started Pet Rush Med - a pharmacy specializing in compounding medications for pets and humans. The pharmacy is located at Kenneth Village in Glendale where Rene's original pet store was located.

After getting Pet Rush Inn fully operating with strong clientele, Rene relinquished management to focus on his family. Being a driven entrepreneur, Rene's hiatus was only short lived. In Spring of 2018 Rene came across the chance to own Double Dog Dare Ya - another established pet resort in Burbank. Rene quickly seized the opportunity and went to work to ensure the same standards and quality were being met - just as they were with all of Rene's previous businesses. Double Dog Dare Ya is the latest facility to be added to Rene's family business. His passion for fostering a safe, fun, and relaxing environment for pets (and their owners) lives on. Welcome to the latest chapter!

Bark. Play. Relax. Repeat.

Your companion always has a loving home - even when they're away from home!


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