Doggy Day Care Rates

Full Day: 7AM – 7PM
Half Day: Up to 5 hours

Full Day – Dog Day Care $40 per day
Half Day – Dog Day Care $30 per day
30-Day Play Pass
(Full day only)
15-Day Play Pass
(Full day only)

A Day care is great way to help keep your companion happy and healthy when you’re at work or running errands. It’s also a wonderful option if you just want your dog to socialize or get a great workout! Our facility offers a fun and engaging environment where they can meet and play with other dogs. Owners love to pick-up their dogs – happy and exhausted from a full day’s play. Our day care program ensures safety by separating dogs by size and temperament. We offer a resort-like play area equipped with a splash pool along with various fun-filled activities with our staff. We also have state-of-the-art surveillance cameras that are accessible 24-hours a day. So you can rest assured that your companion is in good hands.

If your dog is boarding with us, activity times are pre-scheduled throughout the day. Your companion will get a lot of love and exercise while playing with other friendly dogs.

Cats will enjoy indoor playtime in our spacious jungle gym activity room – designed just for cats.

All activities are monitored by our animal-loving staff.

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