Dog Training

All lessons are conducted on-site and with a dog-training professional. We correct unwanted behavior using ONLY positive reinforcement. Levels range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Board & Train Program $150 per day
(Min. 14 day commitment)

Board & Train Program

Teaching your dog basic obedience will make your household a more pleasant place for all. Our board and train program is one of the most effective ways to improve your dog’s behavioral skills. This program requires a minimum boarding of two weeks in order to ensure full reinforcement and success so each lesson sticks around with your dog throughout their lifetime. Continuous positive reinforcement is the key to your dog’s success. We even make sure to provide each pet owner with an overview of the training their dog receives in order to maintain the reinforcement they were taught through our program. Our Board and Train classes are at Double Dog Dare Ya – where each dog enjoys a comfortable and private suite, 24-hour surveillance and security, feeding, walks, and socialization.

Program Overview

  • 14-day commitment.
  • Positive reinforcement method is utilized.
  • Includes all the overnight boarding and services and amenities. Plus full access to the day care facilities and activities.
  • Dogs receive regular feedings, playtime and plenty of attention and affection from our staff.

First Week

The first week of the board and train program includes 4 training sessions per day with a professional dog trainer. The intensive course are centered around basic, intermediate, or advanced obedience based on your dog’s assessment level. This is a crucial time for the trainer to identify problematic habits and help correct behavior using positive reinforcement and rewards.

Second Week

The second week of the board and train program focuses on the social behavior with other dogs. Your companion will be exposed to other highly trained dogs with calm and submissive temperaments. Your dog will get a chance to interact with different breeds and socialize.